anna t


my name is anna

software developer!

i am a founders and coders graduate (FAC16)

just like FAC, i like social impact and being a decent human being

if i could be any animal, i would be a gull (fun fact! there is no such thing as a 'sea'gull)

i believe in clean and accessible code

i send postcards and longingly watch people swing dance

Anna with laptop, winking.

some projects i worked on


a PWA to help you find a suitable toilet FAST when you're out and about in london, FAC student project

built with express, handlebars

squareCircle jobs board

a platform to help connect young talent with unbiased employers, FAC client project

built with react, styled components, airtable, netlify functions

flower glamour extravaganza (wip)

a social commentary in form of a fun & beautiful game - the more popular you are, the better chance of you winning

built with react, figma

CV & contact

peek my CV with fish or without

email me nice things at

look at my github for some code